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For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to share ideas and stories with people, to engage in conversation about issues that affect us as a whole.

It’s about growing relationships.

  • Growing relationships among diverse individuals.

  • Growing relationships among diverse ideas.

  • Growing relationships among diverse individuals and ideas.

This website is devoted to you with the hope you’ll join me on my journey as a storyteller.
Together we can grow ideas through fiction.

I like benches.
They are an invitation to pause and reflect,
to rest and get lost in a good story,
to chat with someone about ideas.
Care to join me?

We’re With the Band

Now Available!!!

As Lark Devlin says, “Fifty may be the new forty, but it’s still a half a century.”

Lark’s life at fifty is like a tour bus with failing brakes.

Working at Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon, she faces a litany of failures. Failed marriage, failed social work career, renaissance faire knight boyfriend failing to keep his lance in his pants.

And she's about to turn fifty. If fifty is the new forty, her future doesn’t bode well.

An offer comes along for Lark to be a backup singer and bus driver for a three-week band tour in her native Ireland. Problem is it’s been a couple of decades since she’s been back, and the country’s changed. A lot.
Someone stole priceless artifacts from the Dublin museum, and she suspects who.

Can she manage the wild ride through the countryside, survive the quirky band mates, her crazy mom, and find the rare antiquities before they disappear forever?