I grew up in Spokane, Washington.

My curiosity ranges from the arts to science to accounting. All sorts of topics catch my interest. My biggest thrill is connecting with others and sharing views.
I think that’s why I wanted to become a writer from a young age. I think that’s why I like many different authors and genres.

I wrote my first book at age ten, called The Ghost House Mystery. Sadly, I could not find an agent for it. In reality, I had no idea what an agent was or that I needed one. What counted was I wanted to write a story, to get something on paper, and to share it.
At about the same time my dad gave me a small camera, so the pictures you see on this website are mine.

Like many, the dream of becoming a writer had to wait. But during those years, I spent my time learning the craft, taking classes, and joining writers’ groups. I learned that writing is hard, often lonely work. The biggest lesson I learned is not to give up.

I am lucky to belong to a group of talented writers and to have friends and relatives, who are my biggest fans, who give me useful feedback, and who support me on this journey.
My husband, Jim, and I now live in Olympia with our dog, Woodstock.

Johanna Flynn

Johanna Flynn, Author